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Wuyi Lane

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Wuyi Lane (乌衣巷) is located on the south side of Qinhuai River in Nanjing. During the Three Kingdoms period (三国), it was the barracks of the army guarding the Stone City (石头城) of Wu. The name Wuyi means black clothes. This was because the non-commissioned officers at that time always dress in black. Later the aristocrats of Eastern Jin (317-420) (东晋) gradually assembled at Wiyi Lane, making it popular and famous. In addition, Wangdao (王导) and Xie'an (谢安), the two founding fathers of Eastern Jin, once lived here. The poem Wuyi Lane, written by Tang poet Liu Yuxi(刘禹锡) is based on it. In 1997, the government of Qinhuai district restored Wuyi Lane and rebuilt Wang and Xie Former Residence王谢故居 to commemorate Wangdao and Xie'an. It is built in Ming and Qing styles. There are a lot of cultural objects and historical data.

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