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World Tag Team Championship (AJPW)

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Date established  June 10, 1988
Date won  November 27, 2016
Current champion(s)  Bodyguard and Zeus
Promotion  All Japan Pro Wrestling
First champion(s)  Jumbo Tsuruta & Yoshiaki Yatsu
Most reigns  As individual: Toshiaki Kawada (9) As team: Toshiaki Kawada & Akira Taue (6)

The World Tag Team Championship is a professional wrestling tag team championship in Japanese promotion All Japan Pro Wrestling. It was created on June 10, 1988 as a unification of two previous tag team titles in All Japan; the PWF Tag Team Championship, and the NWA International Tag Team Championship; when the PWF champions Jumbo Tsuruta and Yoshiaki Yatsu defeated NWA champions The Road Warriors. As with the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship, it is symbolized by four belts, two for each wrestler, representing the former PWF and NWA titles. It is currently the top of two tag team titles in AJPW, along with the secondary All Asia Tag Team Championship. There have been a total of 53 recognized individual champions and 49 recognized teams, who have had a combined 73 official reigns.

List of combined reigns

As of April 6, 2017.


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