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Workers Revolutionary Party (Namibia)

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Founded  May 1989 (1989-05)
National Assembly  2 / 96
Ideology  Communism Trotskyism
Leader  Attie Beukes, Harry Boesak

The Workers Revolutionary Party (WRP) (from 2009 to 2014 named Communist Party of Namibia) is a communist party in Namibia led by Attie Beukes and Harry Boesak.


The party was founded by Attie Beukes in May 1989 as the Workers Revolutionary Party. It joined the United Democratic Front (UDF) alliance for participation in the 1989 elections. The UDF won four seats in this election for the Constituent Assembly of Namibia.


In the 2004 election, the WRP joined with SWANU in an alliance of socialist parties. The SWANU-WRP alliance received 3,428 votes, which were not enough for a seat in the National Assembly.


Under its new name, Communist Party of Namibia, it contested the 2009 general election for seats in the National Assembly and the Presidency.

The party registered for the 2009 election as the fourteenth and final party. Beukes, the party's candidate for president, received 1,005 votes, which was the lowest total of all candidates. The CPN received 810 votes, which was the lowest of all contesting parties and did not qualify them for a seat in the National Assembly. Beukes received his highest vote total in the Mariental Rural constituency in the Hardap Region and the CPN received its highest vote total in the Gibeon, Hardap Region constituency.


The WRP contested the 2014 general election again under its original name, Workers Revolutionary Party. It achieved 1.49% of the vote and gained two seats in the National Assembly.


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