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Woodland salamander

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Subphylum  Vertebrata
Subfamily  Plethodontinae
Rank  Genus
Phylum  Chordata
Kingdom  Animalia
Family  Plethodontidae
Scientific name  Plethodon
Higher classification  Plethodontinae
Order  Salamander
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Lower classifications  Red‑backed salamander, Northern slimy salamander, Red‑cheeked salamander, Western redback salamander, Southern red‑backed salamander

Woodland salamanders are lungless salamanders of the genus Plethodon. They are so named due to their woodlands habitat. They have no aquatic larval stage; eggs are laid underneath a stone or log, and young hatch in the adult form.


Listed in alphabetical order of specific name.

  • Catahoula salamander (P. ainsworthi), believed to be extinct
  • Northern slimy salamander (P. albagula)
  • Blue Ridge gray-cheeked salamander (P. amplus)
  • Ozark zigzag salamander (P. angusticlavius)
  • Scott Bar salamander (P. asupak)
  • Tellico salamander (P. aureolus)
  • Caddo Mountain salamander (Plethodon caddoensis)
  • Chattahoochee salamander (P. chattahoochee)
  • Cheoah bald salamander (P. cheoah)
  • Atlantic Coast slimy salamander (P. chlorobryonis)
  • Red-backed salamander (P. cinereus)
  • White-spotted slimy salamander (P. cylindraceus )
  • Northern zigzag salamander (P. dorsalis)
  • Dunn's salamander (P. dunni)
  • Northern ravine salamander (P. electromorphus)
  • Del Norte salamander (P. elongatus)
  • Fourche Mountain salamander (P. fourchensis)
  • Northern slimy salamander (P. glutinosus)
  • Southeastern slimy salamander (P. grobmani)
  • Valley and ridge salamander (P. hoffmani)
  • Peaks of Otter salamander (P. hubrichti), formerly a subspecies of Netting's salamander (P. nettingi)
  • Coeur d'Alene salamander (P. idahoensis)
  • Red-cheeked salamander or Jordan's salamander (P. jordani)
  • Cumberland Plateau salamander (P. kentucki)
  • Kiamichi slimy salamander (P. kiamichi)
  • Louisiana slimy salamander (P. kisatchie)
  • Larch Mountain salamander (P. larselli)
  • South Mountain gray-cheeked salamander (P. meridianus)
  • Southern gray-cheeked salamander (P. metcalfi)
  • Mississippi slimy salamander (P. mississippi)
  • Northern gray-cheeked salamander (P. montanus)
  • Jemez Mountains salamander (P. neomexicanus)
  • Cheat Mountain salamander (P. nettingi), formerly a subspecies of Netting's salamander (P. nettingi)
  • Ocmulgee slimy salamander (P. ocmulgee)
  • Rich Mountain salamander (P. ouachitae)
  • Pigeon Mountain salamander (P. petraeus)
  • White-spotted salamander (P. punctatus), not to be confused with the spotted salamander, Ambystoma maculatum
  • Ravine salamander (P. richmondi)
  • Savannah slimy salamander (P. savannah)
  • Sequoyah slimy salamander (P. sequoyah)
  • Southern red-backed salamander (P. serratus)
  • Shenandoah salamander (P. shenandoah), formerly a subspecies of Netting's salamander (P. nettingi)
  • Big Levels salamander (P. sherando)
  • Red-legged salamander (P. shermani)
  • Siskiyou Mountains salamander (P. stormi)
  • Southern Appalachian salamander (P. teyahalee)
  • Van Dyke's salamander (P. vandykei)
  • South Carolina slimy salamander (P. variolatus)
  • Western redback salamander (P. vehiculum)
  • Southern zigzag salamander (P. ventralis)
  • Shenandoah Mountain salamander (P. virginia)
  • Webster's salamander (P. websteri)
  • Wehrle's salamander (P. wehrlei)
  • Weller's salamander (P. welleri)
  • Yonahlossee salamander (P. yonahlossee)
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