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Women's Chess Olympiad

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The Women's Chess Olympiad is an event held by FIDE (the International Chess Federation) since 1957 (every two years since 1972), where national women's teams compete at chess for gold, silver and bronze medals. Since 1976 the Women's Chess Olympiad has been incorporated within Chess Olympiad events, with simultaneous women's and open tournaments.


The Soviet Union has won it the most often: 11 times. Since the break-up of the Soviet Union, China and Georgia have won the event four times each. It has also been won by Hungary, Ukraine and Israel (one year when it was boycotted by the Eastern Bloc).


From 1957 to 1974 the Women's Olympiad was a separate event. Since 1976 it has been held in the same place and at the same time as the open event.

* In 1976 the USSR and other communist countries did not compete for political reasons.

Total team ranking

The table contains the women's teams ranked by the medals won at the Chess Olympiad, not including the unofficial events, ranked by the number of first place medals, ties broken by second-place medals, etc.

* Includes the results of  East Germany and  West Germany.


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