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Wodka Gorbatschow

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Type  vodka
Introduced  1921
Proof (US)  80
Country of origin  Berlin, Germany
Alcohol by volume  40%
Manufacturer  Henkell & Co. Sektkellerei KG
Similar  Smirnoff, Absolut Vodka, White Mischief (liquor)
Wodka Gorbatschow Wodka Gorbatschow

Wodka Gorbatschow is a leading German Vodka brand. It has been produced in Berlin since 1921. Since 1960, it is owned by the Söhnlein Rheingold AG, a part of the Henkell & Co. Sektkellerei KG, which is owned by Dr. Oetker since 1996.


Leo Leontovitch Gorbachev was the operator of a vodka distillery in St. Petersburg, Russia. During the October Revolution, Leo Leontovitch Gorbachev left his homeland along with his family for Berlin, where he started to produce vodka on April 28, 1921.

The brand name, the onion-domed bottle and the blue label were registered by the company L. Gorbatschow & Co. as a trademark in 1923.

First, Wodka Gorbatschow was mainly consumed by the exiled Russian community in Berlin. The brand started to flourish outside the city during the early 1950s, by the efforts of the new owner A. Barth. in 1960, the brand was acquired by the Söhnlein Rheingold KG corporate to become marketed nationwide.

Since 1975, the brand's slogan is Des Wodkas Reine Seele (English: The Pure Spirit of Vodka).


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