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Winai Kraibutr

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Winai Kraibutr

Mawin Kraibutr

Winai Kraibutr imdldbnetcacheJzKz71Nk76kL28f4d6cjpg

Chonrada Sansinrangsi (m. 2011)

Bang Rajan, Nang Nak, Yamada: The Samurai, Queens of Langkasuka, The Snake King's Child

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Winai Kraibutr (Thai: วินัย ไกรบุตร, born June 16, 1969 in Krabi Province) is a Thai actor. He is Malay descent from Krabi. He has appeared in a number of films that have achieved significant success at the Thai box office. He is considered a bankable star in Thailand and has achieved minor international exposure through the international release of Bang Rajan. Despite his considerable success in his home country, he has also appeared in a joint Khmer-Thai low-budget film from Cambodia called The Snake King's Child. He graduate bachelor's degree and master from Suannandha Rajabhat

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  • Nang Nak, 1999
  • Bangrajan, 2000, international title: Bang Rajan
  • Krai Thong, 2001
  • Kuon puos keng kang, 2001, international title: The Snake King's Child
  • Immortal Enemy, 2003
  • Plon naya, 2004, alternative English and international title: Spicy Beautyqueen of Bangkok
  • Queens of Langkasuka, international DVD title Pirates of Langkasuka, 2008
  • Yamada: The Samurai of Ayothaya, 2010

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