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William of Saint Omer (son of Walter of Tiberias)

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Parents  Walter of Saint Omer
Grandparents  Guillaume II de Saint-Omer, Melisinde de Picquigny
People also search for  Hugh II of Saint Omer, Walter of Saint Omer, Raoul of Saint Omer

William of Saint Omer (died before 1204) was a Crusader noble.

He was the second oldest son of Walter of Saint Omer and Eschiva of Bures. After the death of his father in 1174, Eschiva remarried to Raymond III, Count of Tripoli, who thus succeeded Walter as Prince of Galilee. In 1187, the Battle of Hattin signalled the end of the Principality of Galilee, which was occupied by Saladin, and Raymond of Tripoli was killed soon after; William's older brother Hugh II of Saint Omer became titular Prince of Galilee. He supported Guy of Lusignan over Conrad of Montferrat for the Kingdom of Jerusalem and joined Guy in besieging Acre in April 1189. At the time of Hugh's death in 1204, William had already died, and the title passed to their younger brother Raoul of Saint Omer and his line.

William was married to Marie, daughter of Raymond II, Count of Tripoli, widow of Baldwin of Ibelin. The couple had a daughter, Eschiva, who married Hugh Sans-Avoir, Lord of Le Puy.


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