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Why Don't You Kill Yourself

Released  March 22, 2004
Artist  The Only Ones
Label  Edsel Records
Length  78:00(CD1) 53:48 (CD2)
Release date  22 March 2004
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Producer  The Only Ones, Robert Ash
Darkness & Light (2002)  Why Don't You Kill Yourself? (2004)
Why Don't You Kill Yourself? (2004)  Another Girl Another Planet the Best of the Only Ones (2006)
Recorded  1977 - 1992, Basing Street Studios
Genres  Punk rock, Power pop, Hard rock
Similar  The Big Sleep, Baby's Got a Gun, Special View, Even Serpents Shine, Remains

The only ones why don t you kill yourself

Why Don't You Kill Yourself? is a compilation album by English punk band, The Only Ones, released in early 2004.

The only ones why don t you kill yourself peel session

CD one

All songs composed by Peter Perrett.

  1. "The Whole Of The Law"
  2. "Another Girl, Another Planet"
  3. "Breaking Down"
  4. "City Of Fun"
  5. "Beast"
  6. "Creature Of Doom"
  7. "It's The Truth"
  8. "Language Problem"
  9. "No Peace For The Wicked"
  10. "Immortal Story"
  11. "Lovers Of Today"
  12. "Peter And The Pets"
  13. "Special View"
  14. "As My Wife Says"
  15. "From Here To Eternity"
  16. "Flaming Torch"
  17. "You've Got To Pay"
  18. "No Solution"
  19. "In Betweens"
  20. "Out There In The Night"
  21. "Curtains For You"
  22. "Programme"

CD two

  1. "Someone Who Cares"
  2. "Miles From Nowhere"
  3. "Instrumental"
  4. "This Ain't All"
  5. "No Solution"
  6. "Happy Pilgrim"
  7. "Why Don't You Kill Yourself?"
  8. "Me And My Shadow"
  9. "Deadly Nightshade"
  10. "Strange Mouth"
  11. "Big Sleep"
  12. "Oh Lucinda (Love Becomes A Habit)"
  13. "Reunion"
  14. "Trouble In The World"
  15. "Castle Built On Sand"
  16. "Fools"
  17. "My Way Out Of Here"
  18. "Your Chosen Life"
  19. "Baby's Got A Gun"
  20. "Oh Lucinda (Love Becomes A Habit)"


Lovers of Today3:13
Peter and the Pets3:06
The Whole of the Law2:37


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