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West German federal election, 1976

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3 October 1976  1980 →
1974  1974
242  42
1973 (CDU)  1974
234  242
Start date  October 3, 1976
West German federal election, 1976 httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Turnout  90.7% (voting eligible)
Winner  Helmut Schmidt

West german federal election 1976

Federal elections were held in West Germany on 3 October 1976.



The coalition of SPD and FDP wanted to be re-elected, with the SPD now led by Helmut Schmidt—the party's candidate for Chancellor. CDU and CSU tried to achieve an absolute majority of the votes to make CDU chairman Helmut Kohl Chancellor.


^† — includes the non-voting delegates for West Berlin (11 CDU, 10 SPD, 1 FDP).


The coalition between the SPD and the FDP remained in government, with Helmut Schmidt as Chancellor. Between the "sister parties" of CDU and Bavarian CSU there emerged a critical conflict, as the CSU leader Franz Josef Strauß wanted to break both the united Bundestag group of the parties and the agreement not to compete against each other in any Land. Later, this attack was withdrawn, while Strauß became candidate for chancellor for the 1980 elections.


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