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Main source  455 m (1,493 ft)
Progression  Rhine → North Sea
Source elevation  455 m
River system  Rhine
River mouth  84.9 m (279 ft)
Length  59 km
Country  Germany
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Basin size  435.725 km (168.234 sq mi)

The Weschnitz is a 58.9 km long right tributary of the Rhine River running through the German states of Hesse and Baden-Württemberg. The name of the river traces to the Celtic god Visucius, who was worshiped in the region.

Map of Weschnitz, Germany

The river source is in the Odenwald, in the town of Grasellenbach. It then flows in a westerly direction through a number of communities, including Fürth, Rimbach, Mörlenbach and Birkenau. At Weinheim, the river splits into two branches as it enters the Upper Rhine Plain. The two courses join at Lorsch. It then flows through the communities of Einhausen and Biblis before emptying into the Rhine at the Biblis Nuclear Power Plant.


Weschnitz Wikipedia

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