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Weights and Measures Act 1972

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Citation  Act 71
Enacted by  Dewan Rakyat
Date of Royal Assent  23 March 1972
Territorial extent  Throughout Malaysia
Enacted by  Dewan Negara
Date commenced  30 March 1972
Weights and Measures Act 1972

The Weights and Measures Act 1972 (Malay: Akta Timbang dan Sukat 1972), is a Malaysian laws which enacted to establish units of measurement and standards of mass and measure based on the International System of Units, to regulate weights and measures and instruments for weighing and measuring and to make provisions for matters connected therewith and ancillary thereto.


The Weights and Measures Act 1972, in its current form (1 January 2009), consists of 5 Parts containing 35 sections and 4 schedules (including 7 amendments).

  • Part I: Preliminary
  • Part II: Units of Measurement
  • Part III: Weights and Measures for Trade Purposes
  • Part IV: Administration
  • Part V: General
  • Schedules
  • References

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