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Wanstead (ship)

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At least three ships have borne the name Wanstead, named for the town of Wanstead:

  • Wanstead was launched in 1802. In 1807 and 1810 French privateers captured her, but both times the British Royal Navy recaptured her. She made one voyage to Bengal under license from the British East India Company. She was wrecked in 1820 at Grenada.
  • Wanstead - a ship launched in North America in 1811 that between 1813 and 1814 made one voyage to Australia transporting convicts. She was wrecked in 1816 off Brazil.
  • Wanstead - a barque of 363 tons (bm), launched in 1826 at St John, New Brunswick, for Gale & Co. She made two voyages transporting passengers to Tasmania, one voyage in 1827-28, and the other in 1829-30. On her way back to Britain she may have returned via China or India under license from the EIC. Between 1831 and 1837 she made one voyage as a whaler, catching whales off Japan, and then off New Zealand.
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