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Victoria (electoral district)

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Legislature  House of Commons
First contested  1925
District webpage  profile, map
Elector  90,217
District created  1924
Last contested  2015
Province  British Columbia
Victoria (electoral district)
MP  Murray Rankin New Democratic
Census divisions  Saanich, Victoria, Oak Bay

Victoria is a federal electoral district in British Columbia, Canada, that has been represented in the House of Commons of Canada from 1872 to 1904 and since 1925.


The riding was originally chartered as Victoria District for the special byelections held in 1871 upon the province's entry into Confederation but like the other B.C. ridings with that appellation the "District" was dropped once the temporary ridings were ratified and made "permanent" for the general election of 1872, which was the first in which the Victoria riding (by that name) appeared. From 1905 up until the 1925 election Victoria was represented by the riding of Victoria City.


Ethnic groups (2006): 85.54% White, 4.05% Chinese, 3.07% Aboriginal, 1.26% South Asian, 1.22% Japanese, 1.15% Filipino, 1.09% Black
Languages (2011): 83.93% English, 2.92% Chinese, 1.79% French, 1.40% German
Religions (2001): 35.36% Protestant, 15.05% Catholic, 3.94% Other Christian, 1.62% Buddhist, 40.52% No religion
Median income (2005): $24,022


It covers the City of Victoria, the municipality of Oak Bay and the southeastern portion of the municipality of Saanich. It also includes the University of Victoria.

Riding associations

Riding associations are the local branches of the national political parties:


This electoral district was created in 1872 when Victoria District riding was abolished. It elected two members to the Canadian House of Commons.

In 1878, Sir John A. Macdonald was parachuted into the riding, as he was unelectable in eastern Canada, in the wake of the Pacific Scandal. Victorians voted for him enthusiastically, as he promised to finally bring about the construction of what became the Canadian Pacific Railway. In the fall, he was also acclaimed as member for the Marquette riding in Manitoba.

It was abolished in 1903, and split into Victoria City and Nanaimo ridings.

It was re-created in 1924 from the Victoria City riding, electing one member to the House of Commons.

A redistribution in 1966 trimmed the size of the riding slightly, removing parts of Saanich west of Cedar Hill Road and north of Cedar Hill Cross Road.

Victoria was one two electoral districts in British Columbia that saw no changes to its boundaries proposed following the 2012 federal electoral boundaries redistribution.

Members of Parliament

This riding has elected the following Members of Parliament:


Current Member of Parliament

The current Member of Parliament for Victoria is Murray Rankin of the New Democratic Party, a former lawyer and University of Victoria law professor.


The Victoria riding name was re-established as a one-member seat in 1924.


The Victoria riding was abolished in 1903. Successor ridings were Victoria City and, for western parts of the riding, Nanaimo. This riding elected two members to parliament.


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