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Via Dolorosa (album)

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Released  1995
Producer  Ophthalamia
Artist  Ophthalamia
Label  Avantgarde Music
Length  68:27
Via Dolorosa (1995)  To Elishia (1997)
Release date  1995
Via Dolorosa (album) wwwmetallibraryrubandsdiscographiesimagesoph
Recorded  October–November 1994 at The Ophthalamian Studios
Genres  Black metal, Doom metal, Melodic black metal
Black metal albums  Stridsyfirlysing, Live Legacy, Storm of the Light's Bane, The Somberlain, Black Metal

Ophthalamia via dolorosa full album

Via Dolorosa is the second album by Swedish black metal band Ophthalamia. It was released in 1995 through Avantgarde Music.


Ophthalamia via dolorosa full length 1995

Track listing

  1. "Intro; Under Opthalamian Skies/To the Benighted" – 2:28 (It, Legion, Night)
  2. "Black as Sin, Pale as Death/Autumn Whispers" – 7:33 (It)
  3. "After a Releasing Death/Castle of No Repair (Part II)" – 5:03 (It, Sorrow)
  4. "Slowly Passing the Frostlands/A Winterland's Tear" – 9:29 (It, A. Sjoberg)
  5. "Via Dolorosa/My Springnight's Sacrifice" – 10:56 (It)
  6. "Opthalamia/The Eternal Walk (Part III)" – 11:15 (It, Legion)
  7. "Nightfall of Mother Earth/Summer Distress" – 10:50 (It, Legion, Night)
  8. "Outro; Message to Those after Me/Death Embrace Me (Part II)" – 2:13 (It, Axa)
  9. "A Lonely Ceremony/The Eternal Walk" – 5:39 (Bonus) (It)
  10. "Deathcrush" – 3:02 (Bonus, Cover Mayhem)


  • Legion (Erik Hagstedt) - Lead Vocals, Screams
  • It (Tony Särkkä) - Guitars, Additional Vocals, Talk, Whispers, Screams
  • Night (Emil Nödveidt) - Bass guitars, Acoustic guitars, screams
  • Winter (Benny Larsson) - Drums, Percussion, Screams
  • With Axa: Piano & Additional Vocals
  • Production

  • Produced By Ophtalamia
  • Recorded & Engineered By Dan Swanö
  • Songs

    1Intro / Under Ophthalamian Skies / To the Benighted2:27
    2Black as Sin - Pale as Death / Autumn Whispers7:33
    3After a Releasing Death - Castle of No Repair (Part II)5:03


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