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Vištinės goose

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Geese - Vištinės

The Vištinės goose (Lithuanian: Vištinės žąsys) is a breed of domestic goose originating in Lithuania. The Vištinės Goose was created by crossing ancient local geese with the East Prussian Goose, Embden Goose, and partly Pomeranian Goose in the first half of the 20th century. There were two local selected goose breeds: Vištinės Goose and Flock Goose. Flock Geese have died out as a breed.

A Vištinės Goose generally weighs between 6–7 kg (male) and 5-6 kilos (female). They become adult when 310–320 days old. They lay around 20-40 eggs, each weighing 170–180 g.


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