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Višnjan Observatory

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Phone  +385 52 449 212
Višnjan Observatory
Address  Ul. Istarska 5, 52463, Višnjan, Croatia
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Višnjan Observatory (Croatian: Zvjezdarnica Višnjan) is an astronomical observatory located near the village of Višnjan in Croatia. It is headed by Korado Korlević, a prolific astronomer and discoverer of minor planets.

According to the statistic on observatory's website (Višnjan and Tičan) as of 2016, a total of 1420 asteroids and 2 comets have been discovered at the observatory, which uses 11 telescopes and has a staff of 78 members and volunteers. The Minor Planet Center (MPC) directly credits the Višnjan Observatory with the discovery of 108 minor planets (see list below), while 1294 discoveries are credited to Korado Korlević. (The observatory's statistic may also include unnumbered minor planets for which the MPC does not assign a discoverer.)

The observatory is home of several summer programs for youth in astronomy, archeology, marine biology and other disciplines: Youth Science Camp, Summer School of Science and Višnjan School of Astronomy.


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