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Verticordia sect. Chrysorhoe

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Myrtaceae
Rank  Section
Order  Myrtales
Genus  Verticordia
Verticordia sect. Chrysorhoe
Subgenus  Verticordia subg. Chrysoma

Verticordia sect. Chrysorhoe is a section that describes three shrub species in the genus Verticordia. The section is one of seven in the subgenus, Verticordia subg. Chrysoma. The three species in this section are inflexible, upright shrubs usually no taller than 2 m (7 ft). They have needle-like leaves and their flowers are arranged corymb-like, sometimes densely on the ends of the branches. The flowers are orange, gold-coloured or yellow and the petals have toothed margins, the anthers have a flattened, swollen appendage and the staminodes are narrow.

One of the three species in this section is Verticordia nitens which was first described by John Lindley in 1837. Lindley gave it the name Chrysorhoe nitens although the name was later changed to Verticordia nitens by Stephan Endlicher. When Alex George reviewed the genus in 1991, he described the section and gave it the name Chrysorhoe conserving Lindley's original name for the species. Although Lindley did not provide an etymology of "Chrysohoe", it is probably from the Ancient Greek words chrysos meaning gold and rheos meaning "flow" or "stream".

The type species for this section is Verticordia nitens and the other two species are V. patens and V. aurea


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