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Vermont Experimental Cold Hardy Cactus Garden

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The Vermont Experimental Cold-Hardy Cactus Garden (less than 100 square feet) is a nonprofit amateur botanical garden for cactus and succulents that are hardy for USDA Zones 4 and 5 of northern New England, upstate New York, and eastern Canada. The collection includes several opuntias, yuccas, and sedums in a small raised bed and mini hillside planting. The garden also includes an experimental attempt to test the hardiness of the Giant Sequoia tree (Sequoiadendron giganteum aka Sequoia gigantea) in Zones 4-5. Several small test sequoias were planted in 2000.

It is located at the residence of Louis and Marilyn Varricchio, Halladay Road, Middlebury, Vermont, and is open to the public. Please call before visiting.


Vermont Experimental Cold-Hardy Cactus Garden Wikipedia

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