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Verbascum bugulifolium

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Scrophulariaceae
Rank  Species
Order  Lamiales
Genus  Verbascum
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Similar  Verbascum dumulosum, Verbascum litigiosum, Verbascum boerhavii, Verbascum rotundifolium, Verbascum nevadense

Verbascum bugulifolium is a species of Verbascum native to Bulgaria and western Turkey.


V. bugulifolium grows to 15–75 cm (5.9–29.5 in) tall, with a basal rosette of ovate leaves 25–80 mm (0.98–3.15 in) long and 10–30 mm (0.39–1.18 in) wide. The round or slightly angled stem also bears a few much smaller leaves. The inflorescence is a simple raceme, with each flower attached to the main stem by a short pedicel. The corolla is 20–35 mm (0.79–1.38 in) in diameter, and is "yellowish to bluish green" in colour, with purplish lines.


Verbascum bugulifolium Wikipedia

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