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Venkatagiri estate

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Abolition of the estate  7 September 1949
Established  1600
1901  60,861
1901  4,103.34 km (1,584 sq mi)
Similar  Ukkadai estate, Sivagiri estate, Sonbarsa Raj
Coat of arms of Venkatagiri

The estate of Venkatagiri was an estate in the erstwhile Madras Presidency. It was located in the Nellore district of the present-day Andhra Pradesh. The town of Venkatagiri was the administrative headquarters.


Founded by Velugoti Rayudappa Nayani in 1600. The State endured until it was notified and taken over by the State on 7 September 1949, under the Madras Estates (Abolition and Conversion into Ryotwari) Act, 1948 (Act 26 of 1948).


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