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United Activists for Animal Rights

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United Activists for Animal Rights is an animal rights group led by its president Nancy Burnet and based in California, United States. It was founded in 1987.

United Activists is supported by television personality Bob Barker, and the group exposed what they considered their findings of animal cruelty on the set of Project X and in several other media projects together with Barker. However, critics later argued that the accusations were based on rumors and hearsay, such as having seen a cattle prod and a gun on set and having inferred that these had been used to mistreat animals. In relation to these activities, the group, again together with Bob Barker, were also accused (and named in a libel lawsuit) as having engaged in a two-year 'vendetta' against the American Humane Association for allegedly condoning animal cruelty. In a series of public ads along with the $10 million libel suit, the Humane Association accused Barker and the group of attacking them (and a number of media projects) based on insufficient and misleading information.

Barker has also helped fund other animal rights groups, including the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, whose new vessel Bob Barker carries a helicopter named after United Activists' president Nancy Burnet.


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