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Une folie

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Mélidore et Phrosine, Uthal, Stratonice, Horatius Coclès, Joseph

Une folie is an opera by the French composer Étienne Méhul. It takes the form of a comédie en vers mêlée de musique (an opéra-comique) in two acts. It premiered at the Opéra-Comique, Paris on 5 April 1802. The libretto is by Jean-Nicolas Bouilly. The work was a popular success and enjoyed several revivals, despite some hostile reviews. It was around this time, claimed Bouilly, that Méhul fought a duel with and wounded a journalist who had harshly criticised him.


Florival is in love with Armantine, the ward of the Italian painter Cerberti. At first he tries to deceive Cerberti by disguising himself as a Flemish art merchant but he is discovered. In the second act, Florival's valet pretends to be the nephew of an old servant of Cerberti's from Picardy. He persuades Cerberti to use Florival as a model for a painting of Bayard alongside Armantine. Florival's identity is betrayed but he is defiant, as is Armantine, who claims she is free to choose who she marries. Cerberti has no choice but to consent.


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