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guitar playing styles and choosing the right style

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There are different styles of guitar playing that differ in how they are played and their songs. When you want to start playing the guitar, you have to choose the style of playing to start teaching that guitar. Guitar teachers are different in different styles and teach special techniques of the same style.
Many people do not know what style to start when they start playing, and generally the style they encounter at the beginning is pop style, while other styles may be more attractive and motivating.

In this article, we are going to review different types of guitar playing rock, pop, blues, classical, jazz and metal to help you find the best guitar style for you.

Rock style guitar
Rock is a great style to enter the guitar if you are a fan of rock and roll, alt rock or any of the sub-genres of rock.
Rock guitarists usually play a variety of songs, so it is definitely great for those who like to practice many techniques on the guitar.
I highly recommend this style for beginners who like the guitar or are a little unsure of their choice, it is also very suitable for more advanced musicians who want to gain more guitar skills.

Instruments needed to play a rock guitar: preferably an electric guitar or bass guitar with amp, crunch or overdrive.

Learn pop style guitar
Pop is a broad genre, but in general when we talk about pop guitar, it is only about the popular music of history. This style can include a variety of famous Iranian and foreign songs.
All guitarists need to learn at least a little bit of pop guitar, because music theory is simple but well-structured, and learning it will help you write the song. Pop songs are by definition popular with most audiences. For advanced guitarists, it's best not to focus solely on pop style, as playing the guitarist is usually not challenging unless you make a more complex arrangement.
Instruments needed to play pop guitar: an electric guitar and amp or an acoustic guitar and even a classical guitar. It all depends on the era and style of the pop you want to play.

Blues style guitar
Blues are the basis of most western music styles. This is a well-structured style, so if you learn the basics, it will be very easy to make new songs and even write songs.
I definitely recommend all musicians to learn the blues to a minimum, even if only for a short time, because it helps you learn a lot of guitar techniques. In fact, if you love listening to this style, you can be technically perfect (especially as a skilled guitarist) so it is great for the advanced musician, but most blues musicians today tend to be rock, metal or Play acoustic as well.
Instruments needed to play the blues guitar: A steel guitar or an electric guitar with an amp.

Classic and flamenco style
Classical guitar encompasses all traditional guitar styles, including Spanish or flamenco guitar, Romantic, Baroque, and classical music, and essentially most pre-blues and jazz styles.
Many private schools still teach only classical guitar due to its prestige and the possibility of taking classical guitar exams similar to piano and other instruments, but today this style and teaching of flamenco guitar is not very popular among musicians and has its own audience.
If you enjoy a challenge such as solo playing (or playing two or three people) or you love non-verbal music, playing it is a lot of fun.
What tools are needed to play the classical guitar: Nylon string guitar (also called the classical guitar). You can also use a guitar stand.

Jazz Guitar
Jazz guitar is full of interesting chords, so it attracts a lot of guitarists. This is certainly a challenging style, but there is plenty of room to adjust your music and understand a lot of music theory by exploring jazz. For this reason, most university degrees focus on jazz or classical music.
You can play jazz alone or in groups. However, jazz music is very hard. It is recommended to spend some time blues, rock or metal before starting.
Instruments needed to play jazz: Jazz is usually played with an archtop guitar, which is very expensive but works with any electric guitar. If you like challenging music styles, an acoustic guitar also looks great for jazz.

Metal style guitar
Metal is a great style for those who have learned rock and want to have a challenge or for those who love this style.
Metal is one of the hardest guitar styles. But you have to know a lot of songs to get started, so it is not suitable for many beginners.
Instruments needed to play metal guitar: Electric guitar with homoker and amp.

Which style to start playing
Some guitarists argue that you have to focus on a certain style to become a master. In fact, many people have this argument for all aspects of life.
Many musicians play different styles, but their specialized style and main skill is focused on a specific style.
Interest is very important for choosing a style, so before you start, in addition to the specialized items mentioned above, be sure to listen to different songs and find your interest.
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