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Woori Card Manager Shin Young cheol

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신영철 우리카드 감독 "'원팀'이 우리의 무기…변치 않았으면" | 연합뉴스

Woori Card manager Shin Young-cheol "'One Team' is our weapon...I hope it doesn't change"

Loss manager Kim Sang-woo of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance said, “There is a lot of confusion in the timing of defense and scoring.”

Men's professional volleyball coach Shin Young-cheol expressed his gratitude to the players who decorated the team's opening game of the V-League 2023-2024 season with a victory. 온라인카지노사이트

It was an even more valuable victory as there were many changes to the off-season roster, with Coach Shin saying before the game, “It feels like a new team has been founded.”

Woori Card defeated Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance with a set score of 3-1 (25-17 25-19 18-25 25-19) thanks to the players' even performance at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 15th.

New foreign player Matei Kok (registered name Matei, 29 points) scored the most points for both teams, and native striker Kim Ji-han also helped with 13 points.

Han Seong-jeong, who returned to his former team after a year and a half through a trade, scored 12 points, including 4 blocks, and Issei Otake (registered name Issei), who joined the Asian quarter, scored 7 points.

Coach Shin said, "The players came together as one and performed their respective roles well as trained.

I am grateful."

At the same time, he said, “The mindset of the players is also about trying to do something and caring for each other.

“I think the combination of those things is our team’s weapon,” he said.

“I hope that mindset doesn’t change and we keep going.”

He singled out outside heater Han Seong-jeong and middle blocker Park Jin-woo as the hidden contributors on this day, saying, “Even if he’s not flashy, he’s an unscrupulous housekeeper.

He praised Ji-Han Kim, saying, "He played his role well.

" Regarding Ji-Han Kim, he said, "You should not hit the ball while coming down (after jumping).

“If he has those qualities, I think he will become a stable ace for our team,” he wrote with affection.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance coach Kim Sang-woo, who lost the opening game, reflected, "We were shaken a lot in serve and receiving, but we also made a lot of mistakes.

It seems like we were confused about the defense we needed to hold and the timing we needed to score."

On this day, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance had 25 mistakes, which was more than Woori Card (18) and was significantly behind in blocking (6-10).

The receiving efficiency was only 30.38%.

Coach Kim pointed out, “We need to lift the ball more and play our own way, but the problem is that confidence in the game has decreased.”

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