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Ten Things That You Dint Know About Sachin Tendulkar

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Ten Things That You Dint Know About Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar

Here is a compilation of the top 10 things that you probably didnt know about Sachin Tendulkar!

1. Sachin calls Sourav Ganguly babu Moshai meaning big brother and Ganguly calls him "Chota Babu" meaning younger brother. Thats just downright adorable, right? "To me he will not just be remembered as a great player and a lovely human being, but as somebody who tried to learn Bengali for the last 14 years but never managed to do so!", Saurav Ganguly

Sachin Saurav

2. There are two wards in New Delhis Tihar Jail, one named after Tendulkar and another after Vinod Kambli. The duo shared a 664-run unbroken partnership in a school match.

Sachin and Kambli

3. Sachin is the only cricketer to have made it to the Madame Tussauds wax museum

4. Anjali Tendulkar who Sachin calls his "Dream woman" is known to not eat or drink anything when Sachin is on the crease... Suddenly, we empathise with her for all those hours that she must have starved as the Little Master scored his centuries.

Sachin and Anjali Tendulkar

5. Sachins coach Ramakant Achrekar encouraged for others to get Sachin out, if Sachin remained unbeaten he got to keep those coins, Sachin still has 13 of those.

6. Only batsman to have scored at least TWO centuries against ALL other Test playing countries. That includes countries like West Indies, Srilanka, Australia, Zimbabwe, England, South Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and New Zealand. Those are a lot of countries and a lot of centuries!

7. As opposed to his calm and composed demeanor Sachin is said to have picked fights is school, in fact Sachin is known to have bullied a lot of his friends and juniors.

8. Sachin is most fascinated by band aids; even the slightest hint of a wound, Sachin would plaster it. Funnily, Sachin also made his first appearance in a sticking plaster ad!

9. Sachin and his wife had to leave a cinema hall mid-way through the film Roja after people spotted the both of them. Apparently, Sachin had disguised with a pair of glasses and a beard and sadly, the glasses fell off. The aura of God cannot be hidden or something, right?

10. Sachins Mother has never seen him play an international match! Ever!! The 200th match will see his mother watching him for the very first time. Sachins mother is bound to a wheel

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