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Sun Facts

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Sun Facts Sun Facts
Facts AboutTheSun

Sun Facts for Kids!

1.One million Earths could fitinside the Sun
~If ahollow Sun was filled up withspherical Earths then around960,000 would fitinside. 

2.Eventually, the Sun willconsumethe Earth
~Whenall theHydrogen has been burned,the Sunwill continue for about130million more years, burningHelium. 

3. The Sun will one day beaboutthe size ofEarth:
~After itsredgiantphase, the Sun willcollapse,retaining its enormousmass, butcontaining theapproximate volumeof our planet.When this happens,it will becalled a whitedwarf.

4.The Sun contains 99.86% of themass in the SolarSystem:
~The mass of theSun is approximately 330,000 timesgreater than that of Earth. It isalmost three quarters Hydrogen,whilst most of the remaining massisHelium.

5. The Sun is an almostperfectsphere:
~Thereis only a10 kilometre differencein itspolar diameter compared toitsequatorialdiameter.

6. Light from the Sun takeseightminutes to reachEarth:
~With a meanaverage distance of 150 millionkilometres from Earth and withlight travelling at 300,000kilometres per second, dividingone by the other gives us anapproximate time of eight minutes. 

Sun Facts Sun Facts

7. The Sun travels at220kilometrespersecond:
~The Sun is24,000-26,000 light years from thegalactic centre and it takes theSun 225-250 million years tocomplete an orbit of the centre ofthe MilkyWay.

8.The distance from the Sun to Earthchanges throughout theyear:
~Because the Earthtravels on an elliptical orbitaround the Sun, the distancebetween the two bodies varies from147 to 152 millionkilometres. 

9. The Sun ismiddle-aged:
~Ataround4.5 billion years old, theSun hasalready burned off abouthalf ofits store ofHydrogen.

10. The temperatureinsidethe Sun can reach 15milliondegreesCelsius
~At theSun’score, energy is generated bynuclear fusion, as Hydrogenconverts to Helium. Because hotobjects generally expand, the Sunwould explode like a giant bomb ifit weren’t for its enormousgravitationalforce.

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