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SSG Coach Theory LG Coach Lee Ho jun

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'SSG 감독설' 이호준 LG 코치 "사실 아냐…선수들과 KS 즐길 것"
SSG Coach Theory LG Coach Lee Ho-jun Says, "It's not True... I'll Enjoy KS with the Players"

“I was worried that I would lose out to the team… I said I was sorry to the captain”

“I was just told to go for an interview… The players were happy to go through with it.”

LG Twins hitting coach Lee Ho-jun (47), who was appointed as the new head coach of SSG Landers ahead of the Korean Series (KS) of professional baseball, waved his hands and denied the rumors of his appointment as manager. 바카라사이트

Coach Lee Ho-jun met with reporters ahead of the first home game of the 2023 KS professional baseball game against KT Wiz held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 7th and was asked a related question, saying, "It's not true," and "I didn't have an interview and I didn't sign a contract.

I was only told to prepare for the interview, he said.

He continued, "Right now, all the players are concentrating on winning the KS for the first time in 29 years.

I will also enjoy the KS feast with the players."
Coach Lee Ho-jun also added.

“(Related articles came out) and I was worried that the team would be harmed because of me,”

he said, adding, “I also said I was sorry to the captain (Oh Ji-hwan) regarding this.”

Coach Lee also said, “The players happily moved on. I was very grateful.”

SSG, which recently dismissed former coach Kim Won-hyung, is selecting candidates for the next coach.

While various candidates are being considered, Coach Lee Ho-jun is also being considered as one of the candidates.

Recently, a media outlet reported that the selection process for coach Ho-Jun Lee has been completed.

Coach Hojun Lee is a proven leader.

After taking office as LG's hitting coach in 2022, he created a strong lineup and led the advancement to Korean Series.

LG ranked 3rd in team batting average (0.269) and 3rd in team home runs (118) last year when Coach Lee took office, and ranked 1st in team batting average (0.279) this year.

Coach Lee Ho-jun also explained why LG's batting line showed strong performances against Go Young-pyo.

The opposing team's KS first-game starting pitcher, and William Cuevas, the likely starter for the second game, in this year's regular season.

Coach Lee emphasized, “It seems like we had the upper hand in the battle of momentum,” and added, “Our batters are especially confident when they meet Go Young-pyo and Cuevas.

They will show a good performance in today’s game as well.”

On the other hand, regarding the reason why KT was weak against foreign pitcher Wes Benjamin, he said, "Based on the analysis, Benjamin threw an amazing ball only in our games," and "It's not that our batters couldn't hit."
Ko Young-pyo performed poorly with an ERA of 7.36 in 4 games against LG this season, Cuevas performed poorly with an ERA of 11.45, and Benjamin had an outstanding ERA of 0.84 in 5 games.

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