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Professional Baseball KIA, Stumbled by Major Negative News

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Professional Baseball KIA, Stumbled by Major Negative News Professional Baseball KIA, Stumbled by Major Negative News
Professional Baseball KIA, Stumbled by Major Negative News for Two Consecutive Years… Struggling to Resolve

The KIA Tigers, a professional baseball team, faced unprecedented negative news in the form of a managerial vacancy even before the start of farming this year.

KIA announced on the 28th that it will suspend coach Kim Jong-guk, who was investigated by the prosecution on charges of receiving bribes, and hold winter training in Canberra, Australia, starting February 1 under Jin Gap-yong as head coach. 카지노사이트위키

The KIA team announced that it would decide on Coach Kim’s future after observing the results of the investigation, but the consensus within and outside of the baseball world is that it will not be easy for Coach Kim to return to the field due to the nature of the investigation, which cannot specify a deadline.

Last year, KIA also suffered a major injury when former general manager Jang Jeong-seok was revealed to have demanded kickbacks from players.

In a situation where suspicions of misconduct by former general manager Jang, who is in charge of the club’s administration, have not completely disappeared, even manager Kim, who is in charge of the field, left his position due to suspicions of receiving bribes, shocking the KIA club and the baseball world once again.

The KIA club, which learned of coach Kim’s suspicions of misconduct through a tip, plans to focus on resolving the situation by conducting a thorough internal investigation independent of the investigation situation.

In particular, we plan to focus on calming down players who are shaken by the large-scale negative news that occurred ahead of the start of spring camp, which will determine this year’s performance.

There is no change in the attitude that finding out the truth of the situation is a priority, but since it has already suffered one major disaster, the KIA team is expected to carefully work on appointing a new leader on the field.

KIA appointed new director Shim Jae-hak on May 8 last year, about a month and a half after the dismissal of former director Jang.

Manager Shim, who suddenly returned to the field after staying outside as a commentator for a broadcasting company, experienced considerable difficulties in assessing the team’s strength.

However, the absence of a manager who manages the team in the field of victory or defeat has a greater negative impact on the team than the absence of a general manager who organizes the team.

Also, unlike back then, this time it is before the start of the war, so it is expected that the KIA team will give it careful consideration.

Rather than replacing a general during the war, appointing a new general before the full-scale war begins on March 23 may be more helpful in pursuing team stability.

Although there are question marks about the foreign pitcher’s skills, KIA’s strength this year is evaluated as being good enough to aim for the presidency, so there is also a view that it may be better to hand over the baton to a proven leader in order to escape the major crisis that the team has suddenly faced for the second year in a row.

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