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Mysterious bone was seen in one of the photos sent by NASAs Mars Curiosity Rover

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Though no NASA scientist has spoken a single word about it, it is going viral at the moment. A mysterious bone was seen in one of the photos that were recently sent by NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover that has been inspecting the Red Planet for the last two years.

There is no denying the fact that it is an object that is ‘clearly’ visible in the picture. Simply put this shows that there were some living things on the Mars.

It will take some time for NASA scientists to actually analyze the picture in detail and then come out with their finding about the nature of the bone like object. Even if this is not bone, the object is going to answer some of questions that have haunted people on earth.

People have always been fascinated by Mars. There is no doubt about it. now there is a twist in the tale. Some people are claiming that they were able to spot an unidentified object on the surface of the Red Planet, Mars, in one of photos sent by none other than NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover that has been working non-stop there.

Many people have talked of seeing many objects on Mars. It is needless to say that it is not the first thing that has come to the notice. 

People have claimed to spot many objects including a dinosaur spine, two dinosaurs, a mysterious light, a toy boat and even a half-human and half-goat face on the surface of the red planet. So another exciting thing about Red Planet.

The below Image was a Shadow on moon which emerged  in Internet some days back

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