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Important points when buying a variety of musical instruments

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Listening to music has many benefits for the human soul and body, and playing it is one of the best feelings that a person can experience during his life. If you are thinking of learning music, you must have thought about what musical instrument you like.

Important points when buying a musical instrument

Here we have provided guidance and tips for buying the right musical instrument, which you should consider when buying an instrument if you are thinking of learning music.

Important points when buying a piano

We have two types of pianos, digital and acoustic. First, we introduce the acoustic model. Acoustic piano has a mechanical structure. That is, when the musician presses the keys of the piano, inside the piano, the hammer hits the strings and the sound is produced. In simpler words, you don't need electricity to play with these pianos. Acoustic pianos are divided into two models: wall piano and royal piano, which are wall pianos for home use and the piano wires are closed vertically to take up less space.
In royal pianos, the strings are horizontal and the instrument has a larger size. Keep in mind that in wall pianos, the higher the height of the box behind the piano where the strings are located, that is, the length of the wire used is longer, and you will hear a more open and attractive sound from that piano. It is the same in royal pianos, and the longer the instrument is and the longer the strings are, the better the sound is produced.
But what is a digital piano? Digital pianos were created to reduce purchase costs. In this piano, no hammer hits the strings to produce sound, but the sound produced is actually the sound recorded from acoustic pianos, and by pressing the piano keys, the sound of that key will be produced and played by electronic technologies. These pianos definitely need electricity to work.
It should be noted that some composers use a digital piano, so that the digital piano provides features such as recording on a memory card or connecting to a computer. These features are very useful for composers, but useless for someone who just wants to learn or play the piano. If you are thinking of learning piano, first start with happy songs like " اهنگ مازندرانی باحال عاشقانه" so that you can boost your mood and motivation while learning.
When buying, pay attention to the smoothness and speed of operation of the key and hammer. As soon as you press the piano keys, the hammer should vibrate and have a beautiful sound. Pay attention to the dimensions and weight of the piano. Some pianos are very heavy and a bit difficult to transport. So try to choose the right type according to your purpose.

Important points when buying a guitar

To buy a guitar, you must first ask yourself if you want to play a classical (acoustic) guitar or an electronic guitar?
  If you like to play pop pieces with the guitar or if you love classical and flamenco music, buy a classical guitar. If you are interested in the sound of metal strings of an acoustic guitar and the sound of country music, do not hesitate to buy an acoustic guitar. But if playing heavy riffs of metal music and fast solo playing (shred) captivates you, definitely buy an electric guitar. Different styles such as rock, jazz, blues, etc. can be played with the electric guitar.

Before buying a guitar, get to know this instrument completely. If you know the structure of the guitar, you know that the guitar usually has 12 vertical parts and 6 strings, and it makes up 72 notes. Sound all these notes by holding the left finger correctly on these 72 houses. The resulting sound should be clear and without any noise, or so to speak, not to bite. Of course, put your left finger completely behind the fret (the separating metal lines on the guitar handle) so that there is no possible gas sound from your left finger. Also, it is better to have low guitar action to avoid stinging at the beginning. Guitar action is the same distance from the strings to the guitar handle.
If you are thinking of learning guitar, first start with emotional songs like "دانلود آهنگ درگیر عشق تو شدم" so that you can boost your mood and motivation while learning.
Going home after buying a guitar and thinking about how to play with this guitar is not good at all. Try to find a good guitar teacher in advance and consult him about what guitar is right for you. After buying a guitar, things like method books, instructional videos, educational software, continuous and planned exercises under the supervision of a guitar teacher are the best things that will make you a skilled guitarist.

Important points when buying a violin

First, you should consider what kind of violin you want to play. There are 5 types of violins in total. Acoustic violin, electric violin, alto violin (viola), cello, double bass (double bass)

Acoustic violin: Acoustic violins, which are the simplest type of violins, are suitable for beginners.

Electric violin also has an electric sound output and its body is usually made of metal. This musical instrument is used in rock, pop, etc. styles. Electric violins with a metal body usually have a non-traditional design and not similar to acoustic violins in order to have as little weight as possible. Electric violins may have more strings than acoustic violins. The signals of the electric violin, like the electric guitar, are produced by electronic processes to obtain the desired sound.

Alto violin (viola): The appearance of this instrument is similar to acoustic violins, and the musician places it on the left shoulder when playing like a violin. Since this instrument is slightly (about 5 cm) larger than the violin. is, for people who are less familiar with music, it is difficult to distinguish it from a violin. This instrument is slightly lower than the violin in terms of pitch and pitch, and it has a narrower sound field. This instrument has a rich, penetrating, dark, relaxing and light sound.

Cello violin: Due to its large size, unlike the violin and alto violin, these instruments are not placed on the player's shoulder. To play this instrument, the musician sits on a chair and places the instrument on a stand at the end of it, on the ground and between his legs. The handle of the cello is placed above the player's left shoulder and the player plays the bow horizontally on the strings. The cello is lower and louder than the violin and alto violin. This instrument has a wide range of sound and in terms of resonance, it creates a very strong, ringing and rich sound and is more agile than the contrabass instrument. The first string of this instrument produces a bright sound and the bass string produces a thick sound.

Contrabass (double bass): This instrument is the largest member of the family of bowed string instruments in terms of size. To play this instrument, the musician stands and holds the instrument next to him and in such a way that its handle is above the musician's left shoulder and plays it like a cello by pulling the bow horizontally. The double bass has the lowest level of bass and the smallest sound range among stringed instruments. The reverberation of the bass counter is strong, full, thick and ringing. Due to the heaviness of the strings, this instrument is weaker than all stringed instruments in terms of agility.

If you are thinking of learning the violin, first start with romantic songs like "اهنگ های سارن" so that you can boost your mood and motivation while learning.
When buying a violin, pay attention to its structure. A quality violin does not bend when pressed. Here, the quality is not the sound, because you will not notice the sound quality in beginner to intermediate instruments at all. So don't pay too much attention to this unless you are a professional.

Important points when buying an accordion

An accordion is a type of musical instrument that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, sometimes with buttons, and sometimes with keys similar to piano keys. The nice thing about this instrument is that it is portable and you can take it with you anytime and anywhere and start playing it.
When buying an accordion, like any other instrument, we must pay attention that it is not cracked or broken. There are different sizes of accordion available in the market and you should try it while buying different sizes and see which size you are comfortable with. Note that if you buy the wrong size, it may put pressure on your body.
If you are thinking of learning Achlordeon, first start with happy songs like "آهنگ شلوار پلنگی عشق جنگی " so that you can boost your mood and motivation while learning.
If you have been playing this instrument for a while, try to remove the sound of the instrument yourself and work with the lantern. If the instrument in question has a structural problem, when opening and closing the lantern and playing the keyboard at the same time, the sound of the instrument will be affected and a healthy output will not be emitted from the instrument.

If you haven't started playing this instrument yet, ask the seller of the instrument to play it for you and pay attention to the sound output of the instrument when opening and closing the lantern. In this case, you can consult your teacher.

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