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Bollywood Stars Who Have Been Aggressive To Their Fans

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Bollywood Stars Who Have Been Aggressive To Their Fans

Salman Khan
Tales of the Khan’s short temper are legendary in Bollywood circles, but unfortunately for a handful of his fans, they learnt this lesson the hard way. Undaunted by the negative publicity his previous slapping spree had fetched when he physically abused a fan for hugging & kissing him; Salman opted for an encore when a fan tried to take unsolicited photos of him at Bandra.

Akshay Kumar
Khiladi Kumar’s martial skills are second to none in the industry and one of his fans sadly ended up witnessing it in person - After being roughed up by Akshay’s bodyguards for trying to approach him on the sets, the star himself intervened and allegedly slapped the fan for trying to breach the line into the shooting zone.

John Abraham
Rather than the souvenirs that he’d have expected to carry back on his maiden visit to Mangalore, John ended up returning with an ugly scar on his hand – Courtesy an overexcited female fan who bit his hand as he passed by, at which point John apparently lost his cool and responded with a couple of slaps.

Genelia D’Souza
Apparently Genelia has more in common with her character as the wildcat Aditi in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na than we thought; the actress reflexively slapped a fan when he tried to misbehave with her as she stood mobbed outside a showroom that she had arrived to inaugurate at Vijayawada.

Anushka Sharma
Given the ugly run-ins that certain celebs have had with obsessed fans, Anushka can perhaps be forgiven for verbally abusing a fan for attempting to stalk her to her place.
Rishi Kapoor
Stars have been known to fly off the handle when cornered by their fans, but Rishi Kapoor’s outburst at Ekta Kapoor’s iftaar bash may be termed as a tad extreme. On being followed to the washroom by a 60 year old fan, Kapoor Sr. lost his cool and showered the fan with a barrage of cuss words for his troubles.

Sonam Kapoor
It started out as an innocent statement by Anil Kapoor during an interview, when he commented that, “Celeb kids have to struggle more than us.” However, matters got out of hand when a Twitter user commented, “Cos they generally have no talent.” To which responded Sonam responded by feeding him a piece of her mind that primarily involved liberal usage of the term, “F**k off!”

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