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Trolleybuses in Grimsby

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Status  Closed
Stock  19 (maximum)
Close  4 June 1960
Routes  2
Open  3 October 1926
Locale  Grimsby
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Operator(s)  Grimsby Corporation Transport

The Grimsby trolleybus system once served the seaport of Grimsby, in Lincolnshire, England. Opened on 3 October 1926 (1926-10-03), it gradually replaced part of the Grimsby District Light Railway, a tramway that had served both Grimsby and the neighbouring holiday resort of Cleethorpes. It was closed on 4 June 1960 (1960-06-04).

By the standards of the various now defunct trolleybus systems in the United Kingdom, the Grimsby system was a small one, with a total of only two routes, and a maximum fleet of just 19 trolleybuses.


The first Grimsby trolleybus route, opened in 1926, was partly a conversion of the branch tramway from Riby Square along Freeman Street, and partly an extension to a new terminus at Weelsby Road. The second route, which was a replacement of the main tramway section between the Old Market Place, Grimsby, and Kingsway in Cleethorpes, was not opened until November 1936.

The tramway, which had been taken over by the Cleethorpes Urban District Council in July 1936, continued to operate until March 1937, with a reduced service between Riby Square and Cleethorpes. It was then closed, and a new Cleethorpes trolleybus system was set up, to run jointly with the Grimsby system, on the Grimsby–Cleethorpes route, which was extended to Bathing Pool.

Operation of both trolleybus systems was transferred to the Grimsby Cleethorpes Transport Joint Committee in 1957, but they were both closed soon afterwards, on 4 June 1960 (1960-06-04). Some of their redundant trolleybuses then served on the Walsall system, until that system's closure in 1970. None of the former Grimsby/Cleethorpes trolleybuses is recorded as having survived.


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