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Trees a Crowd

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Director  Paul J. Smith
Language  English
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Release date  September 8, 1958 (U.S.)

Tree’s a Crowd is the 87th animated cartoon short subject in the Woody Woodpecker series. Released theatrically on September 8, 1958, the film was produced by Walter Lantz Productions and distributed by Universal International.


Trees a Crowd movie scenes  scene of the movie I also helped with developing the idea linking the different scenes together and few of my drawings were used in the first scene

A sightseeing bus enters the gates of a large estate through the courtesy of its owner, tree-loving millionaire Colonel Mulch. Woody, a hitchhiker atop the bus, hears the driver announce that the estate is noted for its rare and priceless trees. Woody immediately prepares for a delectable treat by putting on his napkin, and he goes to the arbor to sample the trees. Colonel Mulch, with a large magnifying glass, is inspecting some of the trees, and he suddenly sees an enlarged woodpecker standing on a bunch of one of them. The colonel does a double take and yells for his pet cat Filbert. When the cat arrives, it is immediately told to get rid of Woody. Filbert, hearing Woody pecking a tree, endeavors to carry out the order given to him. He uses various devices and tricks to catch Woody, but in every instance, Woody outsmarts him. As a last resort, Filbert tries to dynamite Woody from a tree hideout.

Trees a Crowd movie scenes Knights of the Round Table film movie scenes I recommend these two MGM s

The explosion causes a chain reaction, which fells tree after tree. At the point of a gun in the colonels hands, Filbert tries to repair the damage with every device—from glue to needle and thread. The sightseeing tour having come to an end, the bus driver announces that they are leaving the "ruins" of Colonel Mulchs estate. Upon turning around to inform his passengers that the damage was caused by a woodpecker, he discovers that the only passenger left is Woody, who has made a shambles of the bus.


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