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Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (Lebanon)

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Opened  1 August 1945
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (Lebanon)
Unveiled  August 1, 1945; 71 years ago (1945-08-01)
Location  near Beirut City, Mathaf

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Lebanon commemorates Lebanese soldiers who served and died during the French Mandate of Lebanon from 1920 to 1943; of the Legion of the Orient (a unit formed by the French in 1916, during World War I) and its successor the Army of the Levant. The tomb also represents the forming and independence of the Lebanese Armed Forces from the French Army in 1943. The cenotaph in the middle includes a Cedrus libani tree surrounded by a laurel; the main symbol of Roman legions. Around the cedar tree and laurel reads in Arabic : "Glory and Immortality for our Martyred Heroes". Behind the cenotaph are original Roman columns that date back to the time of the Roman Empire.


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