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Timeline of Somerset history

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Key dates in the History of Somerset

  • 43–47 Roman invasion and occupation
  • 491 Battle of Mons Badonicus (may have been fought in Somerset) (uncertain date)
  • 537 Battle of Camlann (sometimes located at Queen Camel) (uncertain date)
  • 577 Battle of Deorham (Dyrham, Gloucestershire) – Saxons occupied Bath
  • 658 Battle of Peonnum (Penselwood ?) – Saxons then occupied most of Somerset
  • 710 Battle of Llongborth (? Langport)
  • 845 First documentary reference to "Somersæte"
  • 878 Battle of Cynwit – Saxon victory over the Danes by Ealdorman Odda
  • 878 Battle of Ethandun – West Saxon victory over the Danes (uncertain whether in Somerset or Wiltshire)
  • 878 Treaty of Wedmore – after defeat of Danes by King Alfred the Great
  • c900 Kings of Wessex hold court at Cheddar
  • 973 King Edgar of England crowned at Bath
  • 988 St Dunstan buried at Glastonbury
  • 1013 Danish king Sweyn Forkbeard received submission of western thegns at Bath
  • 1088 Siege of Ilchester
  • 1191 Discovery of "King Arthur's" tomb at Glastonbury
  • 1497 Perkin Warbeck's rebellion supported by Somerset men
  • 1643 Battle of Lansdowne
  • 1645 Siege of Taunton during the English Civil War
  • 1685 Battle of Sedgemoor – Duke of Monmouth defeated
  • 1685 Judge Jeffries holds the "Bloody Assizes" at Taunton
  • 1770 Start of major enclosures of Somerset Levels
  • 1805 Somerset Coal Canal Opened
  • 1827 Bridgwater and Taunton Canal opened
  • 1875 Formation of Somerset County Cricket Club
  • 1898 County boundaries altered
  • 1956 Chew Valley Lake opened by Queen Elizabeth II
  • 1974 Formation of County of Avon, reducing the area of the County of Somerset
  • 1996 Abolition of the County of Avon, creating the unitary authorities of North Somerset and Bath and North East Somerset
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