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Through Wolf's Eyes

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Country  United States
Series  Firekeeper Saga
Publication date  2001
Originally published  2001
Genre  Fantasy
Cover artist  Julie Bell

Language  English
Publisher  Tor Fantasy
ISBN  0-8125-7548-2
Author  Jane Lindskold
Followed by  Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart
OCLC  50233243
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Through Wolf's Eyes is the first book in the Firekeeper Saga by Jane Lindskold.


Through wolf s eyes

Story summary

Firekeeper only vaguely remembers a time when she didn't live with her “family”, a pack of "royal wolves" – bigger, stronger, and smarter than normal wolves.

Now, after years in the wild, a group of humans have come into the woods west of the Iron Mountains. The expedition is led by Norvin Norwood AKA Earl Kestrel in an attempt to find Prince Barden: the lost king’s son and the most legitimate heir to the throne should he be found alive. However, the expedition soon discovers that Barden’s settlement was destroyed in a terrible fire some ten years ago.

Meanwhile, Firekeeper decides to reenter human society. Accompanied by her beloved pack mate Blind Seer, and their friend, a peregrine falcon named Elation, Firekeeper travels with the humans back to their kingdom of Hawk Haven.

Upon arriving Firekeeper is officially adopted into Earl Kestrel’s family and dubbed “Blysse Norwood” in honor of (and in hope that she may be) Prince Barden’s only child. She gains friendship with Derian Carter, a man who was on the expedition and has been appointed her tutor in human customs. Also in Firekeeper’s circle of friends is a doctor named Sir Jared ("Doc") and the young Lady Elise Archer.

As Firekeeper learns about her new home she discovers the kingdom’s troublesome search for an heir. King Tedric’s children are all dead and now a number of nobles with blood ties to the royal family are looking to be next in line for the throne. As Firekeeper is suspected of being Prince Barden’s daughter she is quickly thrown into the royal court’s games of intrigue and manipulation.

Soon the politics reach over the border to Hawk Haven’s neighbor, the rival kingdom of Bright Bay, where King Tedric’s nephew, Allister Seagleam, resides.

As the process of naming an heir continues, Bright Bay’s neighbors of Stonehold and Waterland are informed by Prince Newell (the scheming widower of King Tedric’s late daughter) that Bright Bay’s Queen Gustin IV has magical artifacts hidden away: a serious crime in these magic-phobic countries. Stonehold declares war and King Tedric decides to support Bright Bay.

At the same time Firekeeper, Derian, Doc, and Lady Elise discover that Lady Melina Shield — who seeks to have one of her own children named heir — is placing magical control over her daughter, Sapphire, and her son, Jet. The four friends work to free not only Sapphire and Jet, but also Elise who comes under partial control due to her engagement to Jet.

War breaks out near the Bright Bay-Hawk Haven border when Queen Gustin refuses to surrender the artifacts to Stonehold and Waterland. Elise and Doc are sent to work in the field hospitals for their known natural gifts in the healing arts. As they work side by side Elise develops feelings for Doc and her feelings for him grow. She does not, however, act upon these feelings due to his lesser rank and her engagement to Jet.

Derian is chosen to be part of a small and carefully selected group that travels behind enemy lines and destroys Stonehold supplies.

Firekeeper has been left out of the main fight and the sabotage mission. She does, however, manage to find ways of being helpful. She discovers a hidden archer that kills one of Bright Bay’s noblemen. Firekeeper fights, defeats, and ties up the assassin. She also recognizes him as Prince Newell’s servant and she soon realizes Prince Newell’s plans to betray his country. Firekeeper and Blind Seer rush to King Tedric’s camp.

As Firekeeper comes to warn King Tedric, Zorana shoots her in the leg for fear of Firekeeper’s strange behavior. Firekeeper continues on and arrives inside the tent. She finds Newell attempting to kill King Tedric. There is a fight, during which Zorana believes Firekeeper is the traitor and calls for back up. Firekeeper ends up killing Newell, but gets stabbed in the back herself. The last thing Firekeeper hears as she slides into unconsciousness is Blind Seer’s mournful howl.

Blind Seer and the peregrine falcon Elation race to find Derian, Elise, and Doc. The animals bring the humans to King Tedric’s tent, where the sovereign is recovering from the ordeal. He recounts the events, clearing Firekeeper’s name of any treachery.

The war ends and Allister and Tedric turn the question of inheritance once more. Allister convinces Queen Gustin IV to abdicate her throne and become ruler of the smaller and newly created kingdom of The Isles. Allister will inherit the throne of Bright Bay and have his eldest son, Shad, marry Sapphire Shield. It is decided that when the marriage is official and King Tedric eventually leaves the throne, Bright Bay and Hawk Haven will be united into the single kingdom of Bright Haven.

Firekeeper recovers from her injuries. Elise breaks her engagement to Jet. Firekeeper, Derian, Doc, and Lady Elise are all invited to Shad and Sapphire’s wedding.

Firekeeper worries she will never be able to see her wolf pack again. Earl Kestrel informs her she is allowed to return to the wilderness, but Firekeeper decides to remain with the humans until after winter.

Main characters

  • Firekeeper - A barefoot girl who was raised amount the Royal Wolves (who are much bigger and more intelligent than normal Cousin wolves). She is the only survivor of Prince Barden's settlement and believed to be "Lady Blysse", Prince Barden's only child and heir. She soon finds herself unwillingly entered into a competition to become the next King or Queen of a land very different from the ones of wolves.
  • Blind Seer - A wolf from Firekeeper's pack who accompanies her to the humans. Blind Seer received his name because he has blue eyes and was believed at first to be blind, as normally wolves eyes are brown.
  • The Firekeeper Saga

    Other books in the series are as follows

    1. Through Wolf's Eyes (2001) by Jane Lindskold
    2. Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart (2002) by Jane Lindskold
    3. The Dragon of Despair (2003) by Jane Lindskold
    4. Wolf Captured (2004) by Jane Lindskold
    5. Wolf Hunting (2006) by Jane Lindskold
    6. Wolf's Blood (2007) by Jane Lindskold


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