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Third Gerbrandy cabinet

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The third cabinet of Gerbrandy (February - June 1945) was the last of four cabinets of the Dutch government in exile during the second world war and was seated in London. The cabinet was formed after the resignation of the SDAP ministers from the second Gerbrandy cabinet in January 1945. The third Gerbrandy cabinet resigned on May 5, 1945 - the day that the whole continental Netherlands was liberated from German occupation.

Although the cabinet was officially seated in London, some ministers, including minister Louis Beel (minister for Interior Affairs), were already present in the earlier liberated southern part of the Netherlands in Oisterwijk. An important part of the administrative tasks in the liberated part of the Netherlands is executed under the authority of the Minister of War by the military authorities, led by general Kruls.

Minister for Interior Affairs Louis Beel introduces a temporary arrangement for municipal and provincial governments after the war. Emergency municipal councils are to be appointed by a separate electoral colleges.


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