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Domain  archaea
Family  Thermoplasmataceae
Phylum  Euryarchaeota
Rank  genus
Kingdom  Euryarchaeota
Scientific name  Thermoplasma
Higher classification  Thermoplasmataceae
Order  Thermoplasmatales
Thermoplasma Luis R Comolli

Similar  Thermoplasma acidophilum, Archaeans, Sulfolobus, Thermoplasma volcanium, Euryarchaeota

In taxonomy, Thermoplasma is a genus of the Thermoplasmataceae.

Thermoplasma is a genus of Archaea. It belongs to the Thermoplasmata, which thrive in acidic and high-temperature environments. Thermoplasma are facultative anaerobes and respire using sulfur and organic carbon. They do not contain a cell wall but instead contain a unique membrane composed mainly of a tetraether lipoglycan containing atypical archaeal tetraether lipid attached to a glucose- and mannose-containing oligosaccharide. This lipoglycan is presumably responsible for the acid and thermal stability of the Thermoplasma membrane.

Thermoplasma Luis R Comolli

Currently the genus Thermoplasma contains two species, T. acidophilum and T. volcanium.

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