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Thelma Houston (1972 album)

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Released  1973
Artist  Thelma Houston
Producer  Joe Porter
Genre  Rhythm and blues
Recorded  1972
Release date  1973
Label  Motown/Universal Records
Similar  Reachin' All Around, Ride to the Rainbow, A Woman's Touch, Breakwater Cat, Throw You Down

Thelma houston i m letting go 1972

Thelma Houston (1972) is the second album by Thelma Houston, recorded in 1972 and released in 1973. The album includes the single, "Me and Bobby McGee". This is her first album recorded with Motown Records under the Mowest label. Two versions of the album were issued, a ten track version in the US and a fourteen track version in the UK and Germany. The album was reissued on CD in an expanded edition by Soulmusic Records in 2012.


The album was arranged by Artie Butler, Michael Omartian, Gene Page, James Anthony Carmichael and John Myles.

Thelma houston and i never did 1972

Track listing

For the 1972 US album released on MoWest MW1023L

Side one

  1. "What If" (Patti Dahlstrom)
  2. "There's No Such Thing as Love" (Anthony Newley, Ian Fraser)
  3. "Me and Bobby McGee" (Fred Foster, Kris Kristofferson)
  4. "I'm Letting Go" (Patti Dahlstrom, Severin Browne)
  5. "Do Something About It" (Ben Peters)

Side two

  1. "There Is a God" (Andrew Cooper)
  2. "Black California" (Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil)
  3. "And I Never Did" (Patti Dahlstrom)
  4. "Blackberries" (Barry White)
  5. "And I Thought You Loved Me" (Dino Fekaris, Nick Zesses)

For the 1973 UK album released on MoWest MWS7003

Side one

  1. "No One's Gonna Be a Fool Forever" (Michael Masser, Pam Sawyer)
  2. "Black California"
  3. "I Ain't Going Nowhere" (Gloria Jones, Pam Sawyer)
  4. "Nothing Left to Give" (Jerry Marcellino, Mel Larson)
  5. "Stealing in The Name of the Lord" (Paul Kelly)
  6. "Blackberries"
  7. "And I Thought You Loved Me"

Side two

  1. "I Ain't That Easy to Lose"
  2. "What If"
  3. "There's No Such Thing as Love"
  4. "Me and Bobby McGee"
  5. "I'm Letting Go"
  6. "Do Something About It"
  7. "And I Never Did"


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