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The Snake King's Wife Part 2

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Directed by  Tia Lim Kun
Release date  1973 (1973)
Director  Tea Lim Koun
Producer  Arthaporn Raya
Produced by  Arthaporn Raya
Initial release  1973 (Cambodia)
Film series  The Snake King
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Written by  Tia Lim Kun Winai Kaewbutr
Starring  Chea Yuthorn Dy Saveth Aranya Namwong
Distributed by  Siam Film Development Studio Bangkok Winson (Hong Kong)
Cast  Aranya Namwong, Dy Saveth, Chea Yuthorn
Screenplay  Tea Lim Koun, Winai Kaewbutr
Similar  The Snake Man, The Snake King's Child, The Weird Villa, Crocodile Man, My Mother is Arb

The Snake King's Wife Part 2 (Khmer:ពស់កេងកង ភាគពីរ Puos Keng Kang Pheak Pii, Thai:งูเกงกอง ภาค 2, also Giant Snake 2 and Snake Girl 2: Revenge) is a 1973 Cambodian-Thai horror film, a sequel to the early 1970s film The Snake King's Wife. The film's plot progressed its story from the prequel which was co-produced by Cambodia and Thailand and starring Cambodians Chea Yuthorn (ជា យុទ្ធថន) and Dy Saveth (ឌី សាវ៉េត), together with Thai Aranya Namwong (อรัญญา นามวงศ์).


The story continued from the happiness of Cantra's family which turned to sadness and terror because of black magic. This was caused by revenge, love and vegency of a young pretty woman who wanted to put a spell to her father and turned her mother into a half wood-Human woman and Cantra's hair became the little snake again. However, the revenge of Cantra began. Then poisonous snakes including cobra and python started hurting everyone who stayed at the cruel plan, into the terrible death and a horror legend started told about the revenge between the ghost spirit and the snake girl.


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