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The Shark (film)

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Directed by  Henri Chomette
Music by  J.E. Szyfer
Production company  Films Sonores Tobis
Director  Henri Chomette
Music director  J.E. Szyfer
Written by  Henri Chomette
Edited by  René Le Hénaff
Initial release  1929
Screenplay  Henri Chomette
Starring  Albert Prejean Gina Manès Daniel Mendaille
Cast  Gina Manès, Daniel Mendaille
Cinematography  Jean Bachelet, Léonce-Henri Burel
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The Shark (French:Le requin) is a 1930 French film directed by Henri Chomette and starring Albert Prejean, Gina Manès and Daniel Mendaille. Made in 1929 but released the following year, it was one of the first French sound films.

The story concerns a shipowner who on the edge of financial failure, bribes accomplices to sink his ship for the insurance. He is accused of fraud and it come to court but he acquitted only to be shot dead by his wife who narrowly escaped the sinking.

The film's sets were designed by Lazare Meerson.


  • Albert Préjean as Le capitaine
  • Gina Manès as Violette
  • Daniel Mendaille as Le second
  • Rudolf Klein-Rogge as Vasseur
  • Samson Fainsilber as L'avocat
  • Nicole de Rouves
  • Edmond Van Daële as Le radio
  • Andrée Standart as L'amie d'un soir
  • Pierre Juvenet as L'avocat général
  • Hubert Daix as Le courtier
  • André Allard as Le président
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