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The Secret Policeman's Ball mediagraphy

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This is a list of audio, video and film releases of The Secret Policeman's Ball series of charity shows.


TV specials made from the shows

The premiere broadcast of each TV special, listed in chronological sequence (This list excludes TV transmissions of films that had received prior theatrical release)

Related TV shows (UK & US)

  • Sky At Westminster Abbey (1981) - 75-minute concert celebrating Amnesty’s 20th Anniversary
  • Conspiracy of Hope (1986) - All-day concert celebrating Amnesty International
  • Human Rights Now! (1988) - Concert celebrating Amnesty International
  • The Secret Policeman’s Retro Ball! (1992) - 60-minute documentary on history of rock musician support for Amnesty
  • The Secret Policeman’s Concert (1992) -60-minute compilation of rock performances for Amnesty
  • Free to Laugh: A Comedy and Music Special for Amnesty International -TV special video-taped at the Wiltern Theater, Hollywood on Sunday March 8, 1992
  • Amnesty International Concert for Human Rights (1998) -Paris concert celebrating 50th Anniversary of Universal Declaration Of Human Rights
  • Remember The Secret Policeman's Ball? (2004)- 75-minute documentary about the Amnesty shows
  • CD Booklet notes

  • The Complete A Poke In The Eye – CD release Springtime!/Castle 1992
  • The Complete Secret Policeman's Other Ball – CD release Springtime!/Castle 1992
  • The Secret Policeman's Concert – CD release Springtime!/Castle 1992
  • The Secret Policeman's Other Ball – The Music – CD release Springtime!/Rhino 1992
  • Dead Parrot Society – CD release Springtime!/Rhino 1993
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