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The Remaining Documents of Talaat Pasha

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Country  Turkey
Subject  History
Publication date  2008
Author  Murat Bardakçı
OCLC  318327565
Language  Turkish
Publisher  Everest Yayınları
Originally published  2008
Page count  272
Original title  Talat Paşa'nın Evrak-ı Metrukesi
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The Remaining Documents of Talaat Pasha (Turkish: Talat Paşa'nın Evrak-ı Metrukesi), also known in Turkey as The Abandoned Documents of Talaat Pasha and Talaat Pasha's Black Book, is the title of a 2008 book by the Turkish journalist Murat Bardakçı. It reproduces in modern Turkish script a selection of documents from the WWI period by Mehmed Talaat Pasha, the Ottoman Empire's Grand Vizier and Minister of Interior, that deal with the relocations of both Muslim Turks and Armenians and the expropriation of abandoned Armenian and Greek property. Its full English title is The Remaining Documents of Talaat Pasha: Documents and Important Correspondence Found in the Private Archives of Sadrazam Talaat Pasha about the Armenian Deportations.

The notebook was handed over to Bardakçı by Talat Pasha's widow Hayriye Talat Bafralı, along with a batch of other documents comprising letters he had sent her and telegrammes exchanged between Committee of Union and Progress members. The book cites the resettlements in 1915–1916 of 702,905 Turks from regions under threat of occupation by Russian forces and the deportation of 924,158 Armenians in accordance with the Tehcir Law of May 27, 1915. The latter events form part of the Armenian Genocide, according to a Moscow-based news agency which goes on to cite the clauses of the 1948 UN Convention on Genocide.

The existence of the original documents was disclosed in 2005 by Bardakçı in the first of a series of articles reproducing their contents in the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet. The first article was published in April 2005, a second in September 2005, a third full re-edit in April 2006, with a fourth appearing in the Turkish newspaper Sabah in February 2007.


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