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The Poppies Say GRRrrr!

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Released  17 May 1986
"The Poppies Say GRRrrr!" (1986)  "Poppiecock" (1986)
Release date  17 May 1986
Label  Desperate Records
Artist  Pop Will Eat Itself
Genre  Grebo music

"The Poppies Say GRRrrr!" is the first release by British grebo band Pop Will Eat Itself. It was originally released on 7" vinyl in a brown paper bag, of which only 500 copies were produced for sale at a concert, however, it was later repressed onto a 7" vinyl with an orange printed sleeve.

The EP contained five short songs which were all later released on a version of Poppiecock, the following release by the band. They also appeared in the 1988 compilation "Now For A Feast!". These songs had the sound distinctive of early Pop Will Eat Itself, with simple chord structures and rhythms, driven by vintage-style distorted electric guitar. This style persisted until 1987, when the drummer, Graham Crabb, switched to a lead vocal role and the band became abruptly more electronic.

Track listing

All songs composed by Vestan Pance.

Side One

  1. "I'm Sniffin' With You Hoo" 0:53
  2. "Sick Little Girl" 2:29

Side Two

  1. "Mesmerized" 1:27
  2. "Theresapsychopathin My Soup" 1:05
  3. "Candydiosis" 1:00


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