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The Platoon of Power Squadron

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The Platoon of Power Squadron, started in 2009 and still ongoing, is a webseries, published on YouTube. The plot line follows four middle-aged workers in the suburbs of Chicago, who have superpowers. The series currently comprises nine episodes, each ranging from 30 minutes to an hour in length. It is created by Jake Jarvi, and stars him, Eliza Toser, Carlyn Janus, and Craig Benzine as the main characters.


Jonas (Jake Jarvi), Virginia (Eliza Toser), Donald (Craig Benzine), and Sebastian (Carlyn Janus), are all minimum-wage workers in their mid-late twenties. They live in the suburbs of Chicago, share an apartment, and all have superpowers. At the beginning of Episode 1, the four have low-paying jobs. Donald (whose power is electricity) is wondering about how everyone came to have their powers. Virginia (who can stop time) is attempting to use her friend Roxy (Vanessa Trask) to find a cure that kills the abilities. In Episode 2, Jonas (who can control matter and minds) talks with Virginia about how they should be careful around those who look too suspicious. Virginia becomes too paranoid, and scares someone that was only going to ask her out on a date. She accepts the offer. Donald and Sebastian (who can multiply, or clone, herself) talk, because they think they have found a criminal. Jonas and his friend Spike (Sam Grant) talk about Virginia going out with someone else, and Jonas gets an idea. During the date, he mind controls the person who asked Virginia out. She, however, sees though Jonas's plan, and gets angry at him later. Meanwhile, Donald and Sebastian attempt to capture the "criminal," only to find his is the manager of a petting zoo. Donald is so frustrated, he quits his job (working as a bear mascot for a taco restaurant.) Later on, Donald encounters someone getting mugged, and saves her. In Episode 3, the group moves to a new apartment, as a result of Donald quitting his job. Sebastian gets help moving in from one of her new friends, Veronique (Caitlin McGarrigle), who works at a fertility clinic. And for Virginia, time is stopping when she doesn't want it to. Roxy calls about the escape of her guinea pig, which they find out she gave Virginia's powers. Virginia is able to capture the guinea pig, but in the process, a supernatural entity is released into the world. It possess a teenage child, and, after passing through multiple hosts, finds a secure host in Damon (Derrick Stout), all without any of the 4 main characters aware. Donald and Jonas attempt to harness Donald's electricity power, to further Donald's goal of becoming a 'superhero'.they find that Donald's powers are triggered by Carbonated grape drinks. He eventually begins using Virginias power to go back in time and find crimes that have already happened in order to stop them.


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