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The Peel Sessions (Fluke album)

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Released  1994
The Peel Sessions (1994)  Oto (1995)
Release date  1994
Label  Strange Fruit Records
Recorded  1994
Artist  Fluke
Producer  Fluke
The Peel Sessions (Fluke album) httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaen445The
Genres  Electronica, Electronic music
Similar  The Techno Rose of B, Progressive History X, Progressive History XXX, Out (In Essence), Oto

Joy division the peel sessions full album

The Peel Sessions is the fourth album by British electronica group Fluke, first released in 1994.


The album is a compilation of performances recorded live at the BBC for John Peel's radio show. It includes early versions of several tracks from Six Wheels on My Wagon and The Techno Rose of Blighty along with a previously unreleased track, "Time Keeper".

Doom the peel sessions full album

Source recordings

This CD is a selection from two live sessions (18 November 1990 and 10 December 1991). All four tracks are present from the 1990 session, and just three of the four tracks from the 1991 session are present. The fourth track recorded, an unreleased early version of 'Top of the World' was unearthed in 2008, by Irish fan Brian McGee who had taped it from BBC Radio at the time of original broadcast in 1991.

Fluke were invited to perform two further, unreleased, Peel Sessions after this CD. One broadcast on the 10 November 1996 (recording date unknown) and the other performed live on the 8 December 2002.

Track listing

  1. "Thumper!"
  2. "Taxi"
  3. "Jig"
  4. "Our Definition of Jazz"
  5. "The Bells"
  6. "The Allotment of Blighty"
  7. "Time Keeper"




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