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The Paul Hogan Show

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6.3/10 TV

Directed by  Peter Faiman
Original language(s)  English
Final episode date  1984
Executive producers  Paul Hogan, John Cornell
8.3/10 IMDb

Genre  Variety
Country of origin  Australia
First episode date  1973
Number of seasons  12
The Paul Hogan Show The Paul Hogan Show TV Series 19731973 The Movie Database TMDb
Written by  Bill Harding Paul Hogan John Cornell
Starring  Paul Hogan John Cornell
Networks  Seven Network, Nine Network
Cast  Paul Hogan, Delvene Delaney, John Cornell, Lesley Baker
Similar  Hoges: The Paul Hogan St, Sale of the Century, The Don Lane Show, Anzacs, The Sullivans

The paul hogan show alternative olympics aussie games

The Paul Hogan Show is a popular Australian comedy show which aired on Australian television from 1973 until 1984. It made a star of Paul Hogan, who later appeared in "Crocodile" Dundee. Hogan's friend (and producer of Crocodile Dundee) John Cornell also appeared in the show, playing Hogan's dim flatmate Strop. The show also aired on the New York Tri-State area television WWOR channel 9, in the early 1980s.


The Paul Hogan Show DVDnet The Best of the Paul Hogan Show DVD Review

Episodes of the series generally opened with Hogan, playing a version of himself he called 'Hoges', presenting a stand-up comedy routine dressed in his bridge rigger's costume of boots, shorts, and shirt with sleeves cut off. The show then presented a series of comedy sketches, usually with Hogan in the lead role and playing various recurring characters, these include:

The Paul Hogan Show httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaen334Pau
  • Leo Wanker: an inept daredevil stuntman;
  • George Fungus: a take-off of real-life television journalist George Negus of the Australian 60 Minutes;
  • Super Dag: an ocker superhero complete with terry-towelling hat and zinc-creamed nose. His powers include his ability to use his esky in innovative ways;
  • Perce the Wino: an old drunken derro who starred in a series of silent, Benny Hill-style, sketches;
  • Donger: variants of this beer-gutted character include Sgt Donger, the tough cop with a bionic beer-gut, and Arthur Dunger, a caricature of the suburban tinny-chugging Australian male.
  • Nigel Lovelace: a skateboarding eleven-year-old ("almost twelve" as they say in the show);
  • The Phantom: a parody of the famous comic book hero The Phantom

  • The Paul Hogan Show The Paul Hogan ShowThe Best of 1977

    Another recurring sketch featured Hogan again playing "himself" as Hoges, depicting the character's situation of living the carefree bachelor life in a disorderly apartment with his flatmate Strop.

    The Paul Hogan Show THE VERY BEST OF THE PAUL HOGAN SHOW PART 2 tuesday 900 YouTube

    The show would generally end with him in his bridge painter getup trying to flip cigarettes into his mouth.

    The Paul Hogan Show Paul Hogan Show Hoges and Strop Bad Habits YouTube

    The series also regularly featured attractive female models and actresses in its sketches - frequently in revealing costumes. Television actress and presenter Delvene Delaney (who later married Cornell) was the most frequent and best-known of these. Other women to appear in the series were Sue McIntosh, Karen Pini, Anya Saleky, Karen West and Abigail.

    Many sketches in the show were parodies of contemporary television shows. These included "Thick 'Ead" (Mastermind), "Pot o'Brass" (Pot o'Gold), "A Casual Affair" (A Current Affair) "Sale of the Week" (Sale of the Century), and "Benny Five'O" (a Benny Hill-inspired take-off of Hawaii Five-O).


    The show was very popular and was compared to Saturday Night Live and The Benny Hill Show. The series also became popular in the UK as a result of its scheduling within peak time on the new Channel 4, and was one of the shows shown on its launch night on 2 November 1982.


    The Paul Hogan Show Wikipedia

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