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The Oregon Trail (2011 video game)

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Developer(s)  SVG Distribution
Publisher  Crave Entertainment
Mode  Single-player video game
Initial release date  6 December 2011
Genre  Simulation game
Platforms  Wii, Nintendo 3DS
Simulation games  Organ Trail, Train Simulator, Surgeon Simulator 2013, Harvest Moon, Farming Simulator 17

The Oregon Trail is a 2011 version of the 1971 video game The Oregon Trail. The virtual life game was developed by SVG Distribution and published by Crave Entertainment on December 6, 2011 for the Wii and Dec 13, 2011 for 3DS.


It is the first in the series to use a 3D computer graphics engine.


Like the other games in The Oregon Trail series, the main aim of the game is to journey across America to the Western frontier. This is achieved through careful resource management, planning, and leadership.

Critical reception

GameSpot gave the game a rating of 3 out of 10, and wrote " As a result of the disappointing production values and the awkward gameplay, reaching the end of the trail even once feels a lot like work. Some memorable vistas, a greater variety of critters to kill, more unique characters to meet on the trail, and a smoother menu interface could have gone a long way toward producing a compelling experience. Instead, you're expected to head along the trail multiple times so that you can unlock new chapters in brief plots that are interesting only when they're bizarre (such as when the journal repeatedly discusses not telling the children about mating dragonflies). Additional gear, score tallies, and alternate routes don't do enough to add life to an adventure that should be full of it. Perhaps the franchise would have been better left as it was. Dying from dysentery never used to be this dull. "

A review by DDJGAMES on Gamefaqs said "Unfortunately, it let me down. It's just not a very enjoyable game. It suffers from some pretty fundamental design flaws in the graphics, interaction, and content departments. It makes some really strange decisions with regards to its overall structure. It tries to do too much, in a way, but what it tries to do is also misguided. It has some pleasant moments, but overall, it's just pretty bad." Commonsensemedia gave it a rating of 4 stars out of 5, writing "It is a very well made re-invisioning of the classic computer game, and although its graphics, soundtrack, and gameplay mechanics would hardly stand up to any other modern video game, the presentation of human emotion and the adrenaline of making it to the end of the trail live up to what anyone who has played a previous version of The Oregon Trail has come to expect."


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