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The Oregon Trail (2009 video game)

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Initial release date  2009
Publisher  Gameloft
Mode  Single-player video game
Developer  Gameloft
Genre  Simulation game
Platforms  Nintendo 3DS, iOS, Nintendo DS

The Oregon Trail is a 2009 iOS and DSiware version of the 1982 video game The Oregon Trail. The simulation game was published by Gameloft.


Changes from the original

The game expands on the original game by adding more paths the player can take and minigames that can be played beyond the original's hunting game.

Critical reception

NintendoLife wrote "As it turns out, The Oregon Trail is fun enough to stand on its own outside of class even after all these years. And with improved load times and added camera functionality, the DSiWare version is the one to beat." The site gave it an 8 out of 10.

IGN gave it an 8.5 "Great" score, writing "The Oregon Trail may be too easy for its own good at first, but this is still a great play for any gamer. Older gamers that remember the original will get a kick out of the refresh while newcomers will enjoy a game that is always offering something new to do or look at. And everybody will love the game's awesome hand-drawn visuals that truly pop off the screen. This game is gorgeous". Appstorm said "the implementation of in-app purchases in The Oregon Trail feels a little bit too much like the developers trying to strong-arm the user into spending more money, which proved to be more than just a minor frustration. . .if you can get past all of that, The Oregon Trail is fun to play and easy to navigate, and certainly instills that heartwarming feeling of nostalgia associated with any modernized classic." Commonsensemedia wrote "The Oregon Trail is a highly polished simulation game that's easy to play, a delight to look at, and offers hours of gameplay. "


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